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Blizzard not giving me an option to share Overwatch data for Exophase


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My Overwatch profile is public btw. My in-game settings have always let my profile be publicly viewable to everyone. I even checked this by looking at my online profile using a private/incognito browser, and i can see the profile. (I only play Overwatch on PC, if that matters).

But when I try to link the account, I get no option to share with Exophase. See the attached screenshot.
Any suggestions?


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It seems to be fine, I just ran a manual scan on your profile and it picked up the Overwatch achievements. I don't know if you just linked it (can take some time before it scans them, or maybe the privacy settings weren't right before.)

They don't have an official Overwatch API that's why it doesn't ask for permissions on the sign in screen.