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Can games be removed from a list without removing it from a platform's account?


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I am just starting to get interested in getting tracked on this site however I noticed in the rules there were some things that were allowed on other sites but not here such as using console commands to unlock achievements which is doable on some games using the xbox platform. since I don't have too many games on my account I possibly could just restart on another xbox account since achievements cannot be relocked like steam ones, although I'd rather not do the grind on some other games I did legitimately again if it's possible to just remove the game from a list here. I'm not sure if i read correctly as well if it's not possible to completely remove it , if some games get marked as cheated but is everything else on the account still part of the leaderboards , just not including those games?

Also I'm wondering for games which have mods that are uploaded onto the developers/publisher's server which allow achievements/trophies to unlock either much faster than usual or almost instantly, they would be deemed as cheating here too? In both these cases I had used guides which were actually on other achievement tracking websites, so I guess they were more lax in this aspect when it comes to things which were done all in game without any 3rd party save games, editors or tools.

Anyway if it's not possible to just hide these games, I might just use another name before I get many other games achievements in a proper manner since it's stricter here.


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I'm sorry for the late reply. I'll talk with our team and we'll come back to you with a response soon enough. I've noticed as well that current rules are contradictory with what's allowed on console trackers and we might have to make some changes.