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Change GPU Fan Speed

Recently, I've noticed that my GPU temperatures have increased under load. From 70 C under load, to now almost 85 C. This recently came about from a driver upgrade, (195.62), which I suspect to be the culprit. Regardless, I wanted to increase the fan spin speed in order to remove the heat faster, but was unable to. It appears to be stuck at 35%, never altering, even idle or load.

I've tried a number of tools to change the speed; nTune, RivaTuner, EVGA Precision, ATITool (Both 0.26 & 0.27b3). None of these were able to alter the fan speed (Logged by GPU-Z). They all simply revert back to 35, as soon as the change is applied.

I'm doubting it's hardware related, it's a Gigabyte 9800 GTX+, with 1GB GDDR3 and a zalman cooler (not installed by me, but by Gigabyte). Should I roll back the drivers and see if that resolves the issue or does someone have a solution?
Well, I tried but I think I went too far, now all Fan Speed settings are disabled...

I went to Forceware 177.98, figured I return to the stock, manufacture-given drivers. I'm going to try sweeping again, and going back to 195.62.