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Chants of Sennaar (Windows) shows up as "Xbox One"


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Just wanted to give a short heads up, that I played through Chants of Sennaar yesterday and I played the version on PC, which is even called "Chants of Sennaar (Windows)", since Xbox One and Series have their own version, but the Windows version shows up as Xbox One on my profile. Below I added screenshots of my stats in the Xbox app, as well as from my profile here on Exophase for confirmation.




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Enforcer Team
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Thanks. I've updated the listing to add a Windows label. The achievements seem be shared across both Windows & Xbox for this one, so it is correct that there's only one listing.


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Oh, you are right, they are shared. I was under the impression they're separate like for example Golf with your Friends because it's not a Play Anywhere title and the "(Windows)" extension in the name. Thanks for adding the label so quickly :)