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New Member
I am new here, I have read your rules on 'cheating'

I have modified several Xbox 360 save to just simply complete whatever games list of "cheevs"

Some of them were like 20 years ago and that was done simply through absolute frustration as I was literally born with left hand and no fingers on on my other hand, does it seriously actually matter or is this place pointless for someone like me with such a nefarious past?


Active Member
I think I probably found this place originally through the gaming signatures the site offers. (I remember really liking the concept when introduced to it through Xbox 360, Xfire, and Raptr.) That's another feature you might like. The site also keeps track of your games, achievements, even if you aren't on the leaderboard. I do like that there are leaderboards, but to be honest I never really look at them. It's up to you whether or not you think it's pointless without. You already have an account, so I say just hang out and enjoy yourself here. :)👍


New Member
I like a leaderboard too, being number 1 in the xbox playing world on GTA 5 (only 1 insignificant achievement during flying school gameplay) but I am proud of that and top 1 or 3% on various other games I like to keep track of things if that's not possible on this type of site then i guess it is pointless even over something from like 20yrs ago.

Anyway thanks for your response.