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But I was committed after that birthday party...
Hey guys, I've been an internet junkie for the past, oh, 8 years or so. I've found some pretty sweet stuff over the years, especially games. Everything on this list will be completely 100% legal, and 100% free. I'm going to start to put some cool stuff on here that I think all of you will enjoy, ranging from games to applications to just cool sites. I hope to update frequently, or at least try, and although you may/probably have seen some of this stuff before, I hope to give enough stuff that everyone will find something new. Everyone, feel free to make contributions! *Star'd stuff is stuff I STRONGLY suggest checking out.* BTW, all of this stuff is for Windows, so some things may have other versions, but if not then sorry Linux/Mac users, get Windows :p

Vantage Master Online- A really cool strategy RPG where you summon monsters onto the battlefield.
Stratagus- An RTS Game/construction engine, can be used to build your own RTS.
*Albatross18* - An online Golf MMORPG... I know it sounds cheesey, but it's really cool.
*N*- A MUST PLAY, a platformer with a really good physics engine.
rRootage- A really good bullet hell shmup, been ported to several platforms, including the PSP.
*Cave Story*, English Patch- A cool platforming adventure game, almost metroid-esque. Has a very unique feel and artstyle, very good game altogether.
Engage to Jabberwock, English Patch- A dungeon crawler/shmup, really unique.
Flyff- A free MMORPG, I enjoy it, one of the better ones out there.
*Zelda Classic*- An awesome port of the original Zelda, with customizable graphics and custom player-created quests. A must-have!
Wesnoth- A strategy RPG with custom map-buildings and stuff. Really good game, although the CPU is broken-hard, almost cheating.
Angband- A roguelike, I LOVE roguelikes, this is pretty much the most well-known roguelike, as far as free ones go. Has several SEVERAL variants, all good. If you don't know what a roguelike is, try it.
*Hengband*- An Angband variant, and IMO, the BEST roguelike, let alone Ang-variant, ever.
Lost Labyrinth- A cool, really 'light' roguelike, can be played and finished in about 30 minutes or so, probably sooner because it's brutal hard.
DoomRL- Another GREAT roguelike, based off of Doom, obviously. Has features no other roguelike has, very well programmed and very entertaining.
BerserkRL- Another very 'light' roguelike, it's based on score, so you're expected to die. Really good for something to do while you have a bit of spare time.
*Stepmania*- Basically a computer port of DDR. You can use a dancepad if you have an adapter, or just use the keyboard. Tons of free songs 'n' such on the internet. Not nearly as compromising to your sexuality as it sounds.
Seiklus- A good independant exploration game. There's no real point to the game, it's a fairly big world, you wander around the neat world and see it's sights.
Castlevania: The Legacy, Dracula's Shadow- Remakes of the original two Castlevania games for NES, complete with the original graphics.
Gridwars- A port of Geometry Wars for the computer. Want to see what all of the 360 owners swoon about? It's here.
Hakaiman- A cool japanese top-view stealth/espianage game. It's fairly entertaining.
*Tango Strike*- A neat tactical-based top-down shooter. Really good, IMO.
Little Fighter 2- A side-scrolling beat-em-up, multiplayer, and VERY entertaining.
UrbanSlug- A tactical sidescroller, if it's possible. Pretty neat, although can get a little repetitive.
DuelToys- A console-esque game where you are a kid that has 'dueltoys' which are fighting characters from various fighting games. You go around and fight with 'em to get money and other 'toys'. Very card-game like, but very cool.
Toshimbi 3D RPGs, Google Translated- There are a few 3D RPGs here, all very good. I suggest Knight of Knights and Bravegear Tribute.
Light in the Darkness- An isometric RPG dungeon crawler. Pretty good.
*X Operations*- A Counter-Strike-esque FPS with terrible graphics, but awesome and addicting gameplay.
NetBattle- An online Pokemon battling client. I'm not THAT ashamed to say I've played it on occasion. :blushing:
The Capricorn Document- A game where you play a hacker, all text based, very entertaining.
*SAPFA2GTE*- "Super Adventure Puzzle Fighter Alpha 2 Gold Text Edition" A ASCII-picture dungeon crawler, simple and funny, yet very well made, good, and addicting.
Savage- An RTSS, or Real-Time Strategy Shooter, where there are two teams, each one has a leader, which plays the game as an RTS, controlling your base and commanding, and the rest are the actual units, who play like 3rd-person shooters, a really cool game.
The Longing Ribbon- An RM2k game, very well made and well done. Spooky, make ya pee a little.
A Blurred Line- Another RM2k game, very good and inventive.
Sunset Over Imdahl- Yet another RM2k game, awesome graphics and pushes the engine to the limit, very well coded and very well done.

***Firefox***- The mac-daddy of all free software, if you don't have Firefox you are NOT surfing the web, you are looking at the web through a little buggy crapbox-of-a-filter. Firefox is THE browser, I have been a faithful follower since early '03, and never EVER went back to IE.
AMP Winoff- A cool little program that lets you turn your computer off, disconnect your modem, 'stand by', etc. with many time-settings, such as a certain time/date, or a timer.
Context- A notepad-esque program that you can program on, features code color-coding, debugging and compiling. Very awesome.
Flashget- The best download manager, period.
Google Earth- A really cool program to look at the world, as in globe form, with satellite images of the landscape.
GIMP- A free alternative to photoshop, the best free, if not the best period, image editing software. Many people live by this piece of software.
Super Jukebox, Music- SNES Music and player. Highly recommended to listen to the classics.
RPG Toolkit- A really advanced RPG creation system with it's own language.
RPG Maker 2000- There has been some legal debate over this program, but the company no longer sells it, and it's from, well, 2000, so I'm calling it legal. It's an AWESOME RPG creation system, in fact, the best, IMO.
UMDGen- Used to modify PSP ISOs, so you can rip movies or extra languages out of your UMD backups, so it'll save room on your memstick.
TweakUI- A Microsoft-made powertoy to tweak various settings 'n' such on your comp.
X-Setup Pro- An awesome powertoy to tweak and modify many settings on your comp.
JoyToKey- Will convert buttonpresses on an attached PC joystick/controller to keyboard keypresses, essentially allowing you to use a controller on any game, even if it's not supported.
Zoom Player- An awesome media player, can play a WIDE variety of formats, including the standards, plus OGM, MKV, ZPL, etc.
CPU-Z- An awesome tool for self-analyzing your PC- It can tell you ALOT about your PC, including speed, ram manufacturer, MoBo model, etc.
DVD Decrypter- A multi-purpose tool, can be used for several things, including backing up DVDs, backing up PS2 games, ripping and burning ISOs to back up your games, etc. NOTE: This program is under copyright, and can no longer be freely distributed. Sorry about that.
DVD Shrink- A DVD backup tool, used to rip your DVD and shrink it to DVD-5 size, so it can be backed up on a single-layered DVD.
Ripit4me- Another tool for backing up your DVDs, use this in conjunction with DVD Decrypter to get around the tougher copy protections.

Pure Pwnage- This is an awesome web series making fun of one thought- what if someone acted 1337 in real life?
*Newgrounds*- If you don't know this site you're pitiful. THE biggest and longest-lasting flash site on the net. I could actually make a gigantic list just for all of the stuff to check out here, but I'll just give you a few, you can find them by yourself- Super Mario Bros Z, Heli Attack 3, MK vs SF, Metal Gear Awesome, Decline of Video Gaming, Magical Trevor, Tomorrow's Nobodies, Madness, and Thing Thing, just to name a few.
J!NX- Sweet clothing for Hackers, Geeks, and Gamers. I love this site.:biggrin:



Open Arena- A FREE version of Quake 3 (Uses quake's engine but Freeware 3d models, sounds, textures...) Also works on linux and MACos
Dance! Online- Free online DDR clone for the PC
Final Fantasy Endless Nova- kickass Final fantasy Fan game!
Dance With Intensity- another DDR Clone
Tunatic - Identify songs you are listenning to
Spybot- Anti Spyware
Ad-Aware Free- another anti Spyware
GIMPshop- A mod so your GIMP looks like Photoshop
Avira Antivirus- Free Antivirus
AVG Free- Another Free Antivirus
VGCats.com- Online Comics about games with cats :3
100 of the best legal Full version games


Least I Could Do
Looking For Group
Gone with the Blastwave
Bad Ass Muthas
Creamy Beamy
Apple Geeks
Shoot The Core- its a site dedicated to 2d shmup's and theres a big list of shooters available on the PC.
IKARUGA.CO.UK- which has a load of cool stuff related to ikaruga like wallpapers and stuff
Space Invaders in flash or download from here.
Line Rider- A flash game where you make a course for a sledder to go down, simple but hella-fun.
Armagetron- An opensource game based on the lightcycle battle of Tron.
Winamp as well as the seperate ML_Ipod plugin. Used to organize iPod instead of iTunes.
Ubuntu- A good distro of Linux. Can be used in conjunction with XP (Dual Boot)

Gunz: The Duel
Hero Online- Free 2 Play MMO.
F.E.A.R Combat- F.E.A.R online multiplayer deathmatch, free.
Sword of the New World- Free MMO that makes you control three customizable heroes.
Knight Online - Another great MMO with good races and fun gameplay.
Dungeon Runners- Top-down free MMO in the vein of Diablo 2.
Hip Hop DX- A site with hip hop mix tapes, new ones every day.
D+Pad- An online gaming magazine, on par with real ones.

Soldat- 2D Counter-Strike... like Worms meets Quake.

Flash Games:
Too Many Ninjas!
Bloody Blade

Hashtab- Lets you see the SHA1, MD5, and CRC32 all from a tab in the 'Properties' of a file.

The Last Stand- A fun base defense game.

Wildvoice Studio- A very full-featured podcast-recording and editing app.
CBeauty- It cleans up your C/C++ files and header files.
Flyakite OSX- Transform Windows XP to look like a Mac!
Libra- Catalogues your DVDs, books, games and CDs by scanning the bar codes with a webcam.
VLC Media Player- Along with a codec pack this thing will play any media format under the sun.
TAGAP- A side-scrolling shooter game where you're a penguin.

Zamzar.com- An online video format converter.
South Park Zone- Free online eps of South Park, updated weekly.
Free FLV Converter- Converts youtube format FLV videos to any number of other video types.
Peer Guardian- Free program for protection during p2p downloading or online travels.
Blender- Free 3d editor (it gets easier trust me)
Goldwave- Great music editing program ( will give nag message after 30 days but never stops working.)
Free Download Manager- Manages downloads off online so that you don't lose data if something goes wrong.
Youtube Robot- Free program which goes hand in hand with free FLV converter to download youtube videos then watch.

mp3DirectCut- Tool used to easily edit mp3s. Easy to use, comes with around 20 or so languages, and, of course, free.
InfraRecorder- Free image burning program.
Pandora- A free internet radio site. Rocks some serious face, made to open up your ears and hear more of the music you want to hear.


But I was committed after that birthday party...
flyff is alright but you cant compare it to guildwars

Yea, but you have to BUY GW, Flyff is completely free, that's the point of the list.

And what the heck, I didn't bold every entry, I only bolded specific ones.


But I was committed after that birthday party...
Great post! :D can I add some stuff from me?

Thanks, man. Well, sure, I mean, if you post it, or anyone for that matter, posts anything I'll add it.


The Doctor
Dance With Intensity (http://dwi.ddruk.com/) another DDR Clone
Dance! Online (http://dance.acclaim.com/) Free online DDR clone for the PC

Spybot(http://www.safer-networking.org/) Anti Spyware
Ad-Aware Free(http://www.download.com/Ad-Aware-20...045910.html?part=dl-ad-aware&subj=dl&tag=top5) another anti Spyware
Avira Antivir(http://www.free-av.com/) Free Antivirus
AVG Free (http://www.download.com/3000-2239_4-10695030.html) Another Free Antivirus

VGCats.com (www.vgcats.com) Online Comics about games with cats :3


But I was committed after that birthday party...

Any suggestions or comments? If anyone checks this stuff out make sure you post so other users can get an idea of what everyone thinks is good.


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But I was committed after that birthday party...
don't really play any games for PC that are free....except N.but thats listed already.


You really should try, well, at least Cave Story, very VERY good game.


Cheeze , you should add Gunz : the duel , it is a 3rd person online shooter with combos and customizable characters


But I was committed after that birthday party...
Cheeze , you should add Gunz : the duel , it is a 3rd person online shooter with combos and customizable characters

I, personally, could never get it to work for some reason, but I'll add it.:p


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Wow, I was surprised to see RM2K games on your list!
I used to be involved in that community a lifetime ago...
I was actually the original "publisher" of A Blurred Line, I provided it's website and download (and removed the fairly harmless W32.Weird virus from the community).
The games (mostly demos) made by the RPG Maker developer New Age Productions are high quality as well.
Getting back on topic any of the games (all shmups) made by Kenta Cho / ABA Games are completely free and of excellent quality!

EDIT: Oh, I just noticed you already had rRootage on there, nevermind about the ABA Games.


But I was committed after that birthday party...
Hell yea, RM2k FTW! That's impressive, an RM2k legend!:smile:
Yah, I didn't want alot of ABA games because I didn't want the list to be a one-trick-pony, so to speak.