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    I am new on exophase forums, this is my first post, i am a member since the last year, and i never had any problems with the page, always working accurate.

    But for the first time i experimented a strange mistake this weekend with one game.

    I finished Batman Arkham Origins for Xbox 360 on the past saturday (february 25th) with the last achievement, I Am The Night, but i had bad luck these days, i have been disconnected from Xbox Live several times during the game, so in the end i got an achievement unlocked offline. No date. :(

    For some reason, the page (?), the server (?), the scanner (?) took the date of the last achievement that i had unlocked online, a long time ago: "Give Them Something To Believe" (february 11th).

    I thought it was a general mistake, but in other pages it shows the correct date of the completion (february 25th).

    Link to my profile: (

    I will like to know if its possible to correct that mistake. I will really thank it. :)

    I feel sad about it because this is the only page that has register all my completion dates just perfectly Totally accurate. Always. :(

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    edit: Fixed now
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    OMG! What a nice surprise for this weekend! :) Thank you so much, x3sphere! You are awesome! :p

    Sorry about my long explaination, i thought that it was a random mistake. (When i completed Life Is Strange i had the same situation, but on that case, the page recorded correctly the day that the game was completed, no matter the offline achievements).

    I'm going to procure not repeat the mistake of getting the last achievement in another game while i am disconnected to Xbox Live. I've learned the lesson! ;)

    Thank you so much again for fixing so fast and being so pacient. This community is just awesome! <3

    I wish you a nice weekend! :)
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