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Cookie Clickers Android Version


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Hey everybody,

I was looking for some game to play because i had finished the previous one, i have choosen cookie clicker for android because it has low quantity of achivements, but, unfortunately the achivements don´t work. I´m asking to know if it was just me or someone else experienced that. Also i need help to fix this thing.

This game-> https://www.exophase.com/game/cookie-clickers-android/achievements/


Thanks in advance, Skasix00.
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This could be a problem by the developer there are many games with broken achievments. You can try and email the developer of the game.


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the achievements aren't even unlockable, on google play, you need atleast 5 achievements for leaderboards, creators make 5 achievement that are impossible to unlock to get leaderboards, so this is just for leaderboards, not for users to unlock achievements
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