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[Cydia Release] AnyAttach ~ attach ANY file while in mail.app


A lil review:
its about freakin' time.....It's finally here! The ability to add any attachment into your e-mail,while you are IN the Mail app, composing that oh-so-important message. Any attachment… AnyAttach ($1.99, USD): [Cydia Description] A tweak that enables you to attach arbitrary files to your emails right from inside MobileMail. It comes with a file and photo/video picker that is accessible via the paper clip button that will be added to the subject bar in the mail compose window. No icon will be added to your homescreen. Options can be configured from the Settings app. The screen shots aren't that exciting. But, it's still cool to see it. Here's the paperclip icon in an e-mail I'm composing:

And then, here's one where I can browse to locate the document I wish to add:

The only "problem" with this is you have to know, for example, what the real file name of GoodReader is, so that you can decipher which app has your file. That's an easy fix.

Under settings you can adjust anyAttach to view application names and to view ALL files to be able to attach.

Just think. You're typing that Reply e-mail and you want to add a document. Hit that paperclip, browse to the folder it's in and attach it. Finish the e-mail and send it off. Or, say you want to add some photos. The tweak has a separate section to allow you to browse your Photo app for any photo or video. You can select more than one image at a time. I don't know the limit, but I successfully selected and e-mailed 10 wallpaper images to myself. Took a bit to send (each wallpaper was a 1024 x 1024 image), but they sent and received just fine. Here's a shot of the selection for photos (the green check marks are for photos I've selected for e-mailing):

So, yeah, this should have been available right from the start. Well, it's here now and it's an inexpensive buy.