Dead Nation

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    This is a PSN exclusive but it's really like a full retail game. If you play thoroughly it easily has 12-14 hours of gameplay. Reviewer's said it was expensive but I thought it was really cheap ($16) for the amount of content. It has co-op which makes it infinitely more fun.

    Think L4D, but from an overhead 3rd person Killzone Liberation like perspective with the same kind of awesome physics and HUNDREDS of zombies rushing you. You need to play tactically or you WILL die. You need to time your attacks properly to inflict maximum damage with minimum ammo, make proper use of environmental hazards, use the right weapons for the right situations, etc. There are really tense parts where you get attacked by powerful tank zombies and the regular zombies get in your way and slow you down.

    You can upgrade your body suit with 3 kinds of parts: armor, exoskeleton and proto. Proto makes you really fast and exoskeleton makes you really strong. Once your strength is at around 50% you can break a zombie in half with a melee attack and the upper body flies off into the distance.

    The global stats tracking is really thoughtful. They break it up by country and count the number of zombies killed in phases based on the population. I single handedly brought India up 3 ranks :D

    The movement and fluid animation seemed very familiar and then I later found out that it was made by the same guys who made Super Stardust HD (another really good arcade game).

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    Sounds interesting, I'll take a look the next time I'm online.

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