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Epic games and Ea (origin) hours played


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Hey Guys,.

I found exophase a really good place to find all my achievements and stuff.
I was kind of wondering why it doesn't include the time played for Epic games and EA (origin).

Any ideas?


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Epic Games doesn't have public player profiles for Exophase to read. If you as a player are logged in on Epic, you can see your own time played, but only your own.
I think the same goes for EA Origin.


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In GOG Galaxy you can connect your Epic Games and EA Origin accounts (and some others), so it's logged in on those services as you when it's running.


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Yes, GOG has elevated permissions on those services that we don’t have.

Playtime is not visible on Epic or EA profiles when viewing a user’s profile other than your own.

I expect Epic will open up the API more eventually, so getting playtime on that could happen in future. Not sure about EA though.