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Error Code Listing (And Solution Guide)


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[FIELDSET="Credits/About"]First thing, credits. I did not find all these error codes, I got the list from exophase and they got them from various sources. I only am adding the possible solutions, and some of them may come from other sources/forum members.

You can use the search function in your browser, CTRL + F, to search for a specific error codes.

Dax has created a larger collection of error codes here as these are common codes.

**Note: This is a work in progress as future information may make current information obsolete.[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Sintax Errors"]8000 ????
8002 is the kernel
8001 is the standard libc[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="DAX FW Only Errors"]DADADADA - Running a FW Update in DAX custom FW
80020321 - Ran a game that doesn't support NO-UMD
80020148 - Unsupported PRX type | This error also seems to appear when you are running an iso with a fake mem. stick
80000001 - Got it when trying to run PSP filer version 3.6 on 3.40 firmware (probably a kernel selection problem)
98765432 - Selected a language who's font has been removed. DAX FW ONLY ERROR![/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Network Errors"]8001006F - Remote Play connection error. Most likely when no PS3 is sending a signal over your network.
80110404 - Network error, try restore default settings to fix
00000001 - WiFi error. Occurs when no access points are detected in official 3.7X and custom 3.7X firmware.**
80410A0B - Loose WiFi card
80410702 - Your firmware MAC address does not match the PSP's MAC address
80410A05 - Disconnected from server or Access point (Try reconnecting!)
80431075 - Wrong password on Remote Play
8041040B - Communication with the server failed. DNS error has occured.
80010068 - Communication with the server failed.
80432060 - Communication with the server failed.
80431063 - Lost connection in the middle of a download (Save Failed)
8010A007 - Error downloading (Reason unknown)
80110482 - Incompatible Lan security (or Wlan is off or could not connect to infrastructure network)
0000002 - Unknown, possible security reason (Web browser SSL)
80431072 - The file you are downloading is unavailable or does not exist or is cached and the psp is unable to save.
80410416 - The website you are trying to access doesn't allow you to enter.
8041040F - DNS error
80410414 - DNS error
80410418 - PSP Unable to obtain IP address
80100D00 - Channel could not be added(Reformat the memory stick)
80410D09 - A connection error has occured. (in <2.XX FWs the PSP can only connect to WEP...Thus comes this error)
80410001 - General Network error
80410D16 - General Network error
80410D07 - Appears when errors occur while connecting to a wireless router (Change psp settings to manual and enter in all of the ip,dns,subnet mask, and default router info)
80410410 - Cannot connect to the given acess point(Connection to the Server Failed.)[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Firmware Errors"]FFFFFFFF - PSP update failed (or save failed)
UKN9000001 - update cant start, data corrupt
80000004 - its just a general error code that the PSP spits out when it doesn't understand something... could mean anything really.80020001 - Kernel Error
800244C - Kernel Error
8008271D - Flash1 corrupted. Format it in recovery mode![/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Memory Stick Errors"]80110305 - Load failed.The Memory Stick could not be acessed
80110307 - Load Failed There is no Data available
80020130 - File read error
80220180 - Error while formatting the Memory Stick[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="UMD Errors"]80010087 - Error reading UMD or UMD not present
80010013 - You get that when you have no, or the wrong, UMD inserted (should be a game UMD, not a movie) Suggestion : Change NO-UMD MODE
800200D9 - Error while allocating memory Block[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Homebrew Errors"]800200D1 - Ran homebrew without Homebrew enabled firmware.
8002014C - Ran kxploited homebrew without Homebrew enabled firmware.[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Pops Errors"]CA000005 - keys.bin not found when trying to run a PS1 game.
80010002 - Putting the POPS EBOOT in the wrong folder | Also may be a corrupt ISO[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Other Errors"]80110306 - Still to find out
840140D01 - USB wifi problem (Try plugging in the USB wifi in other USB ports)
8008273A - Internal error, try and resetting the settings, restarting the psp, if all fails, probably should send it back to sony.
8001B002 - Still to find out
FFFFFED3 - Unknown (Could be a Decryption error)
80108D50 - there is no camera attachment[/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Error Solutions"]
8041040B - Refresh Page/ Reconnect
80010068 - Refresh Page/ Reconnect
80432060 - Refresh Page/ Reconnect
8041040F - Refresh Page/ Reconnect
80410414 - Refresh Page/ Reconnect

80020148 - Change Kernel/ Disable Plugin(s) to find error[/FIELDSET]