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Escape Room - Uncharted Myth

HFG Entertainments proudly presents the most fabulous point and click escape game, Uncharted Myth. Enjoy three different stories in one spot. Come and join the world of fantasy & adventure to escape from the crux you have been trapped into.

Become a Pearl to break from the tangled realm of dreams. Explore a world you've never seen before, a story you've never heard of, and unforgettable twists and turns with unlimited levels filled with various themes ranging from fantasy, mystery, and detective thriller to fiction, you may test and increase your brain IQ while having fun and excitement.

Finally, to get out of each knock-knock stage, take a big leap and solve the riddles, and hunt for hidden objects.



• 100 brain teaser levels.

• Solve the classic riddling puzzles.

• Game Localized in 25 Languages

• Find hidden objects and explore locations.

• Stunning designs and graphics.

• Daily gifts and rewards are available

• Save your progress feature enabled.