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Exophase Progress showing an incorrect percentage


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About two weeks ago I removed two games from my Google Play profile and requested a manual profile resync here. One of the games was a game that is archived on Google Play (archived games seem to just be called "UnknownGame"), which got removed completely and is fine now. However, in the other one (this one) I didn't have any achievements, and it appeared on my profile because the developers probably replaced the Google Play Games profile to a new one (it was this one before). So when I downloaded the game again, the new one was added to my profile.

After I removed it, it stopped showing up in the list of my games on my Exophase profile, and the number of games owned was correct. But I noticed that the percentage that's showing as Exophase Progress for Google Play does not match the one in my calculations (on my spreadsheet). In fact, it was as if the number of total achievements was 10 more than it should be, which is the exact number of achievements in the removed game.


As you can see, it's showing 55.94%, which is equal to 2057/3677, even though after removing that game the total number of achievements across all of my games is 3667. So, it appears that this game is somehow still included in the calculation of Exophase Progress.

I want to add that this metric probably doesn't matter that much to other gamers, but personally I find the most motivation in increasing it amongst other ones, because as a game completionist my true goal is to bring all of my games as close to completion as they can be, and this metric represents that the best (except AGC). So maybe this doesn't seem like a very big deal, but I would really appreciate it if this was given some attention!

P.S: this might be too much to ask, but imo the best overall gaming progress metric is Average Game Completion (AGC), which is calculated as the average achievement completion across all games, rather than obtained achievements / total achievements. That way games with a ton of achievements aren't given as much priority, and instead all games are weighted equally. It would be awesome if Exophase had it.

Thanks in advance!


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I don't think it's due to the removed game. Only tracked games with at least one achievement earned are included in the percentage count, so if the game is no longer showing on your profile page here, it's not included in the total.

Total possible achievements still comes out to 3677 based on the games that are showing right now.

It's possible that achievements were added to one of your owned games since the last scan, thus bringing down your overall percentage. I don't have a way of quickly checking this though. But I can say the 2057/3677 is indeed accurate based on the games that are showing. If you look through your list does anything stand out that had achievements added since?

Adding AGC as an optional method of calculation seems like a good idea, I will add that to the to-do list.


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Hey, thank you so much for looking into this! Turns out I did actually somehow overlook one number and made a mistake, and after fixing it everything matches. Sorry for being so self-confident and wasting your time. 😅

And thanks for taking AGC into consideration, I'll be excited to see it on the website.