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Fable and Fable 2 Comparison


The Groove Jesus
I have heard many people saying that Fable and Fable 2 are much like the same game. Either they have not played it or they don't like RPG's. Here is a complete list of the differences of GAMEPLAY AND DESIGN. I am not discussing graphics, story, and music because they are obvious.

LENGTH: Fable's length was a bit disappointing. Even when you completed all the missions and done all goals, you can easily beat this game very shortly. As for Fable: TLC, basically add 2 hours to the original.

For Fable 2 however, it goes a different path. Sure, the main questline is about 9 hours, but when you add the side missions, the hidden treasures, and family dealings, the game is endless. It will not stop throwing side missions at you.

MAGIC: For people that have played the first fable would notice that the magic power bar is absent in Fable 2. There are lots more spells in Fable 1than its sequel but some of the spells were literally useless and you might be only using a few select spells throughout the game. In Fable 2, You can preset your spells in a "ladder" bar for easy casting.

REAL ESTATE: When you want to start a business in Fable 1, you can buy houses and start making profit by renting them out. But there are only a few buyable houses, practically one in each friendly town. You can redecorate them for increasing their value but there is not any customization.

In Fable 2 however, almost every property is buyable. You can even buy the huge castle in Bowerstone. Redecorated them is more customizable as you can buy furniture to replace anything that you got when you bought the house. You can even buy shops and fix the price ranges for more profit.

POTIONS: In Fable 1, finding health and mana potions, and resurrection phials were a total cinch. By the time I reached the end boss, I had so much potions that I could start a massive drinking party with them. Stores usually carry a lot of them each time.

In Fable 2, they are a bit scarce compared to the first. Stores carry only a few each stock refresh, and fallen enemies don't drop any items (excluding quest items and special documents).

COMBO MULTIPLIER: To be honest, I am glad this is absent in Fable 2. Espiacally when I need to get a high multiplier in order to get a good kick out of my experience potions.

ARMOR: In Fable 2, you can't get armor (excluding defense augmentations). It does not matter if you are fully clothed in a noble suit or you are running in caves in your underwear, your defense stays the same.

JOBS: Besides making money from real estate, side missions and gambling, there are several jobs you can take if you want to make extra gold. From a blacksmith to a bartender.

DOG: Do I need to explain this one??

ARENA/CRUCIBLE: My most desired fix has come true for Fable 2. In Fable 1, once you beat the arena, you cannot play it again. In Fable 2, the arena (aka The Crucible) is playable over again after you beat it the first time.


This is my two cents so far. I will update this soon. If I missed anything, please post.


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Is this just like a general fable 2 discussion thread? Otherwise it'd be pretty pointless, so I'mma treat it like one. I was just going to post up to say that I've encountered a story-breaking glitch and I'm not happy. There goes 11 hours playtime for me. :(

In more detail, the glitch happened when I joined a multiplayer game during a conversation and it autosaved the single-player game, which meant that on returning, the conversation was supposed to continue. It didn't, and I'm stuck with a 'Hold A to skip conversation' thing on the top of my screen. I can't enter any doors that require holding A, I can't pick up any objects, or interact with anything that requires the A button. Also, since the top black bar is frozen, when talking with villagers, I can't see a relationship bar. I can make the 'Hold a to skip conversation' bar move away from the top of the screen through fast travelling, but the game still acts as if it's there, and I can't press A on anything, and th evillagers still don't get a relationship bar. I can also make the message return by taking up a job, as when I quit it reappears. The only exception to the glitch is that things that appear on the top black bar that require A to start seem to override the conversation thing; for example, starting a job requires you to hold A, and even if the message to tell me to skip the conversation is on the screen, this will appear above it, and thus let me begin the job, but this isn't of much use, because as soon as the new message at the top of the screen goes away, the old one comes back.

It's really, really annoying me, and I've tried everything. I've tried continuing with a quest, so that there would be another, different skip conversation thing, didn't work. I've tried, saving, loading, signing in and out, turning the xbox on and off, ect. Nothing'll fix it. The only other option I have is to try and start a cutscene in the game, but since I'm already married, ect, that'd be hard. The quest in which it happened is Rescuing Charlie, which has disappeared off my quest list, because the conversation i was having was brought on because I just finished it. I can't find where I exited from the dungeon in the mission to go back there and continue the conversation, so that's a dead end too, and I can't simply go back in and through the dungeon because I can't open the door.
Any ideas much appreciated.


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Thanks, I've been interested in Fable but never had an XBOX. Now that I own Fable II, I've always wondered how Fable compared to it.

Fable II so far has been a great game. Sure, it's not as polished as I'd like it to be and some of the game design decisions left me asking why (more like WTF), but overall the experience has been refreshing and rewarding. This game isn't too open but it also isn't too 'closed'. Just perfect for me as I don't have the time to travel my way between cities, though I enjoyed the 5% I've played of Oblivion -- I just never felt that I was making any progress in that game and just as soon lost interest.


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psypher said:
Thanks, I've been interested in Fable but never had an XBOX. Now that I own Fable II, I've always wondered how Fable compared to it.
Never had a PC either?

Anyway. In Fable 2 do you still have to press a button to bring your sword out everytime you got into a fight like in the first one? I hated that and it's the reason I havent got the 2nd one.

Darth Budd

twelve said:
Never had a PC either?

Anyway. In Fable 2 do you still have to press a button to bring your sword out everytime you got into a fight like in the first one? I hated that and it's the reason I havent got the 2nd one.
nope, just press attack


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Just researched it and apparently Disc 1 is the Collectors Edition game while the 2nd is the bonus disc.

Darth Budd

most limited editions are. the first is the game you paid for, and the second is useless crap that you also paid for.