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[FAQ] Tiff Exploit/HEN Info as of (05/02/09 UPDATED)

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There seems to be a slew of similar questions in the official Tiff Discussion thread that are either being missed, or are being repeated over and over again. I figured it might be a good idea for a one stop thread where you can pretty much get all of the info you need. The purpose of this thread is to provide an array of questions and simple answers - an ultimate FAQ.

If you have any further tiff/HEN questions that need answering, you can direct them here, Tiff Exploit - HEN Information - M for Mature Forums

[fieldset="What is a tiff?"]What is a tiff?
A .tiff is an image file which contains many potential opportunities for exploits. Once exploited properly, it may allow the ability to run unsigned code. The altered .tiff image is ran on the PSP through the regular image viewer, and then executes the code assigned to it. In the past with firmware versions 2.0 and 2.7, a .tiff exploit was used to downgrade PSP's at that time. The .tiff exploit used back then was patched in the next firmware update, but we have now found another exploit in the .tiff image library that works on recent firmwares. Incidentally, Davee has also found another kernel exploit to go along with the recently found .tiff exploit.[/fieldset]
[fieldset="What firmwares/PSP's does this tiff exploit work with?"]What firmwares/PSP's does this tiff exploit work with?
The exploit currently works on all available PSP's (The original PSP-1000, the slim PSP-2000, and the newest PSP-3000) and all available motherboard models. The firmwares known to be supported at this time are official firmwares 5.00, 5.01, 5.02, 5.03, and 5.05. Anything earlier than these official firmwares will not work, as well as anything later will probably not work.[/fieldset]
[fieldset="The tiff exploit Hello World isn't working for me?"]The tiff exploit Hello World isn't working for me?
1. Make sure you put the corresponding .tiff file (either phat.tiff for PSP-1000, and slim.tiff for PSP-2000 & PSP-3000) in the ms0:/PSP/PHOTO/ folder.
2. Make sure that the h.bin file is located in the memory stick root directory which is at ms0:/.
3. [Optional, but may help: Click the Restore Default Settings option under System Settings]
4. Turn your PSP off completely by holding up the power switch for approx. 5 seconds.
5. Turn it back on, and go to the photo folder in the XMB.
6. Your PSP will either freeze, nothing will happen, or the exploit will work successfully.
7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until you see a black screen with text on it which means that the exploit successfully ran. You may have to try it several times (even upwards of 20 or more times) since the exploit is currently a little unstable and may not always work. Keep trying, and it should eventually work for you. For reference, it took me about 5 tries before it worked.

Some people have reported using different techniques to get it working. Like for example the most popular trick is to put 8 or so other images in the ms0:/PSP/PHOTO folder, and then put in the .tiff exploit file last. Then once you enter the photo folder on your PSP, you quickly scroll down to the .tiff file. These tricks are unconfirmed, but they may actually help.[/fieldset]
[fieldset="What is HEN and what does it do?"]What is HEN and what does it do?
HEN stands for Homebrew ENabler. It is ran through the tiff exploit, and it patches different sections of memory to essentially disable the checks that are in place to prevent homebrew from working. With HEN enabled, you can launch homebrew normally like you would on a custom firmware from the game section of the XMB. Once HEN is launched, it remains in memory until the PSP is totally shut off. You must run HEN every time your PSP is turned back on from being completely shut off in order to run homebrew again. This is because all applied patches in memory are lost due to the RAM itself losing powersupply and therefore "forgetting" everything that was once in it. Standby mode should still allow the patches to remain since the RAM is buffered when put into standby mode.
HEN is currently only designed for official firmware 5.03.[/fieldset]
[fieldset="Can I get onto custom firmware with HEN?"]Can I get onto custom firmware with HEN?
HEN is not a custom firmware, but it allows your PSP to act very similarly to how a custom firmware does. If your PSP's motherboard is one that is safe for downgrading (All PSP-1000, some PSP-2000, but not PSP-3000), HEN can be used to launch applications that will allow you to downgrade and get onto custom firmware. However for people who have PSP's that have a motherboard that can't be downgraded (TA-088v3 and TA-090v2), they currently will not be able to get onto custom firmware, but they will still be able to use HEN to launch homebrews much like a custom firmware does.[/fieldset]
[fieldset="What will work with HEN?"]What will work with HEN?
From the info that is currently available, just about any homebrew will be able to work with HEN. This includes most homebrew games, homebrew applications, and also emulators. No special coding will be required in order to get a homebrew to work. It just must be compatible with 5.xx++ kernels (most existing homebrews will be). Keep in mind though that ISO's and PSX games will not work with the launch of HEN since additional coding would be required in order to allow that to happen. To make this clear: Davee has not blocked ISO/PSX games from working, he has just simply not coded a loader himself and included it within the release of HEN. ISO loaders may perhaps be made by independent developers in the future, but creating an ISO loader is no easy task without the use of M33 modules.
What also will not work is custom plugins. Custom plugins will not be supported at this time because it is a custom firmware feature which often use M33 modules. A future update however to allow them is not entirely out of the question.[/fieldset]
[fieldset="Credits."]Credits. Who made this possible?
I don't know who specifically did what exactly, but here is a list of names that deserve credit: MaTiAz, malloxis, FreePlay, Archaemic, wololo, Cloudy, and Davee.
MaTiAz is the one who released the .tiff exploit, whereas Davee is the one who came up with a kernel exploit and is working on making the HEN. Bubbletune has also been assisting in the creation of the HEN as well as a few others who have helped with testing it[/fieldset]
[fieldset="When will HEN be released?"]When will HEN be released?
This past Tuesday (the 21st of April, 2009) was supposedly going to be the official release date. Davee has ran into a few problems though, and requires additional time to get it to work properly. Here is his own words:
Sorry again for the lateness. I say soon as I have started school again and the exams are looming in and I need to revise. Also, I am away Thursday -> Saturday on a expedition and will NOT have internet access during that time.

Again my apologies, and for those guys at PSP 3000 hax, I did make post number 154, no other ;)
Here is the reason why he needs some additional time:
The problem is due to the lack of debugging utilities on the 3k and such. We've got the kernel mode working on that but our testing time with 3k is limited and debugging is next to zero at reboot time (which is where errors occur). Obviously, we're trying our best, but we are running on theory here (at least for the 3k and TA-88v3) and it takes time to fix it.
So while we currently have no official release date set, I imagine it will be coming sometime after he is done his trip that ends on Saturday the 25th. Just continue to be patient and we'll be keeping you guys updated.
There is currently no official release date set. HEN will come when it is ready.
Check the UPDATES post down below for all the latest HEN news.[/fieldset]

[fieldset="Where can I get HEN once it is released?"]Where can I get HEN once it is released?
HEN will be released both on Davee's official devsite, and also here at MforMature.net. Stick around here, and you guys will be the first ones to get it.[/fieldset]


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Check here for all the latest HEN updates!
[fieldset=UPDATES]UPDATE 04/27/09
Davee has updated me with some more recent information. You can locate it here: M for Mature Forums - View Single Post - Tiff Exploit - HEN Information[/fieldset]
[fieldset=UPDATES]UPDATE 04/28/09
A proof of concept video has been released by one of Davee's beta testers.
Here is a link to the video:
And a description:
Description said:
This is a demo of the 5.03 firmware running the tiff exploit and booting into a HEN environment on a PSP 2003 (3000 Support also) on 5.03 Official Firmware. This proves that the code survives a reboot and the system software and MAC address can be changed. This is something that only can be done with a kernel exploit. A video launching homebrew will be posted later.
In addition to all of this, Davee has also fixed the bug present that he told me about yesterday (04/27/09).
Davee said:
Also, reboot is working on 1000, 2000 and 3000 now. ;)
So long as there are no further roadblocks, HEN should be seeing a release very soon :)[/fieldset]
[fieldset=UPDATES]UPDATE 05/02/09
Davee has posted some eyecandy for you all. Here'a picture of an emulator that is running on a PSP-3000. Undeniable proof that yes, homebrew is running on a PSP-3000! Enjoy.
[fieldset=UPDATES]UPDATE 05/03/09
A release will be coming very soon :D :D
Also, development of HEN is virtually complete. Just doing a cleanup, and release will be soon.
[fieldset=UPDATES]UPDATE 05/04/09
I am hoping for HEN release either later today or tomorrow, it depends on many factors (as currently I am not at home).
[fieldset=UPDATES]UPDATE 05/04/09
Team Typhoon has just released a new video of homebrew running on a PSP-3000 using ChickHEN (HEN)
You can read our article here.[/fieldset]
[fieldset=UPDATES]UPDATE 05/05/09
HEN is now officially released :)
ChickHEN Released
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