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Fav VC Games


But I was committed after that birthday party...
Well, I just got my Wii the other night, and after the Internet Channel I still have 1500 points. What should I pick up? What are your guy's favorite VC games? I'm thinkin' about goin' for Shining in the Darkness and Ninja Gaiden, but I'm not 100% on this.

Also, I have a small thing with my Wii- When the console is turned off the slot illuminates, which is cool, I set it to 'Full' or 'High' slot illumination in the menu, but it'll be about halfway bright, it will slowly get brighter, then about three seconds later it flickers between the bright and dim, and ends back up on dim, then after a few seconds slowly gets brighter, etc. etc. I just didn't know if that was normal behavior, because the flickering doesn't look good. Then also when the console is on it's not illuminated at all.


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i'd say castlevania,gradius and super mario brothers on the NES....not sure of any others