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Feature Request: Google Play XP Distribution by Genre


New Member
Long back, the Google Play Games app had this feature where they displayed an XP Distribution by genre chart. But it is no longer available.

I want to ask if it is possible for Exophase to implement such feature on their site and also add an option to the leaderboard to sort players by XP in each genre.

Please see the screenshots below taken from the old version of the app for examples.

- This screenshot is of your own profile.

- This screenshot is of another player's profile, plus the ability to compare your profile with others.

Thank you in advance! <3


New Member
La función me parece muy buena, ya que yo suelo jugar juegos de rompecabezas y sería genial tener una clasificación hay.

Además, yo suelo buscar juegos en exophase con logros antes de descargarlos por la Playstore, sería genial que en el motor de búsqueda se agruparán los juegos por genero y así facilitar a los usuarios la busqueda de juegos de su gusto personal, ya que buscar puzzles en exophase no suele dar lls mejores resultados


New Member
In case you hadn't noticed.

What does that have to do anything with what I'm requesting?

My post above is asking for a breakdown of Google Play XP points into different genres like in the old version of Google Play Games app. Not the Exophase XP points.



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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
I haven’t looked into this yet but if we can extract the genre information from Google Play then this should be possible to implement yes. I will take a look soon.