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Feature Suggestion : Yearly Wrap-Up


Obviously too late for this year. But these sort of yearly summaries spread all over social media can bring in a lot of new members. (You see it every year on TrueAchievements, for example.)

Considering that cross-platform tracking is quite unique, something like this could really help the site to grow.


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
It’s a good idea for sure, will try to do something for 2024. Once the gamercard system is revamped it’ll allow for more flexible layouts that we could use for this.


To add to this idea - I also see monthly summaries posted in other forums/social media and would love to see the same from Exophase. (It's free viral marketing, basically.)

Just a compact "number of achievements earned per platform" overview featuring the most-played game, or something along those lines. Maybe not dissimilar to the gamercard.

Same thing for game-specific summaries at any time, showing the completion percentage, hours played, etc.

Example from TrueAchievements. (Although I find these unnecessarily large.)