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PC FIA ETRC | European Truck Racing Championship


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FIA European Truck Racing Championship is a surprisingly good racer, though it’s not going to appeal to all due to the fact that it’s about racing big heavy trucks rather than the latest sports cars. Still, for those seeking something a little bit different, it’s definitely worth investigating. I wouldn’t say it does anything spectacularly well, but when there’s nothing else quite like it available, it doesn’t matter all that much.

The official FIA ETRC game is a completely new option for all fans of racing sims.
• 45 trucks with their official livery, including top manufacturers like Volvo, Man, Freightliner and Western Star
• 20 teams and the championship's best drivers
• 14 circuits including official ETRC ones, as well as Laguna Seca, Circuit of The Americas and Fuji Speedway
• 5 single-player modes and 3 multiplayer modes