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Forgot I had this account created and made a new one the other day...

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Geometric Cube

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So I forogt that I had created this account and made a new account the other day. When I tried to make my account name "Geometric Cube" I was surprised that the name was already taken. So I made the new account with "GeometricCube" and then linked it to my Xbox Live account "Geometric Cube." I then searched for the other account to see who had taken my name and saw the same exact Xbox Live profile. I realized that I had made the other account and went to change the password and then logged into the older account (this one). Since I didn't want two accounts open I requested to have the new account closed. Apparently this has affected my ability to link to my Xbox account "Geometric Cube." If someone from support could help sort this out, that would be great.


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Removed the privacy flag on the Xbox account here, should be able to link it again now.
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