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Anyone's thoughts on the game? im getting ready to run through some of it because my little brothers rented the game, this and Fable 2, but I've always had a fondness for the creative minds at the labs at Lucasarts. So i will start playing it once my parents finish watching the Departed on the Big Screen and let you guys know my thoughts, but im curious as to know what you all think of the game, especially the ones who've played it, compared to the ones who just seen reviews.


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I played the demo, and i hated it.

the training mode got me really interested, and the puzzle solving aspect made it seem like it would be quite fun. And then the actual game started.......


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I thought that whole terrain deformation was a huge gimmick. I mean, it had the potential to be a great idea but they only used it for helping you reach lower/higher platforms or as cover.


yeah, after playing it last night, i thought the concept was neat but not really implemented, or executed well enough. But then again that's my exact opinion on the force unleashed, they just slashed together a bunch of neat ideas and tried to execute a game that in the end has no real replay value.

But like i said, neat concept, definitely worth a play if your interested, no point in playing on easy though, keep it fast paced on hardcore and you can enjoy it, but maybe that's just me.