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Free Anti virus


That's just too bad, ZoneAlarm was so amazing back then.... used to be my favourite.
Guess those times are over :-/


Best application firewall: Windows 7 Firewall Control Plus
Plus version lets you create zones with different subnets to allow/deny in the application popup.

The only drawback is it blocks the connection during the popup instead of suspending it like other firewalls which use their own drivers. This uses the Windows Filtering Platform which is probably the cleanest way to make a firewall now. That said, MSE/Forefront and W7FC is the best AV+Firewall so far with minimal resources and maximum stability.


Yeah, using the build in Win (7) myself for quite some time now.
Since they added outbound filtering / rules as well it's pretty good usable, at least good enough for my needs (only allow known, specified programms net access either inbound and/or outbound).


Oldie moldie
I personally recommend Avira for anyone that I format his laptop. However, recently it got into compatibility troubles with Windows Defender since installation recommends to turn it off. Besides that, it is free, light weight, and gets the job done.
That's what I said in the first page.