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gallumboverde - steam


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I have seen that label given for obtaining trophies that are not obtainable. They already told me on steamhunter that I couldn't have an achievement for Doodle God Genesis Secrets, I told them that I got it through a guide they put on the steam page itself, to copy a file from another of their Doodle games to this one, and complete the game without hints, but I just finished to see in the site rules that this is not allowed. It bothers me a lot to see the game incomplete, when I got 100%, but hey, it will bother me even more to continue seeing that label on my profile.It can be fixed?

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I saw how I could delete an achievement from my Steam account, and I deleted said achievement. Will that bring my status back up? Thanks


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Yes, that's the only game we had you flagged for. Have re-added you to the leaderboard, it will take 24 hours for your rank to show again.