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Games that still doesn't show hours played (at least for me!)


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These are my PS4 games that doesn't show the time played (while the rest do):

-Borderlands 2
-Assassin's creed Brotherhood
-Assassin's creed Liberation remastered
-Assassin's creed Revelations
-Uncharted: lost legacy
-Just dance 2018
-Resident evil 4
-Here they lie
-Mafia III
-Friday the 13th
-God of war III remastered
-Knowledge is power

I hope this reaches out to the exophase team so they hopefully work on these games, and others that might have the same problem!


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Keep in mind that playtime for bundled games show only one stat in the API, in your case Borderlands 2 has the playtime attached to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which is 168.73h (combined from both games).

We also noticed that delisted games from the PSN store don't show a playtime stat.


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I think that one is bundled with Uncharted 4.

Known Issues
For bundled/compilation games, we are unable to see the hours played for each game individually. That means for titles like Uncharted Collection and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, we only have access to the total playtime for the collection itself. Currently, we're showing this playtime on only one game in the set.