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Giveaway: City of Steam Launches Second European Server, Get Your Item Pack Here

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Free-to-play MMORPG City of Steam has expanded its European presence with the addition of a second server, and to celebrate we've teamed up with developer Mechanist Games to give away an all-new pack of in-game goodies.

This comes on the heels of the version 2.7 update, which features a revamped Mercenary System and a Wardrobe system that allows players to easily store cosmetic skins, in addition to various bug fixes.

Interested? Reply to this post below noting your interest and we'll send over an email shortly after containing your code along with redemption instructions.

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I'd Love TO WIn a Key :) Guys If you Havent Tested THis Game, ome Play it Now! Its one of the best graphics of gmes so far... Come try it


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Good bundle! Definitely interested. It's a pretty cool game, worth checking out. Kindly send over the email. Thanks!
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