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Google Play Achievement Megathread


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Just trying my best to compile as much info I can about all the games on the Google Play enabled platform. That's currently over 9,000 games so I will probably never be able to cover every single game. That said, I would like to get as much information as I can possible. This will require YOUR help.
I'll put up whatever information I can find out myself and then also add any information anyone else can find.
The current look and layout is bound to change. Just starting out so this is gonna be rough.

First off is a list of games that have hidden achievements. While developers can mark achievement on Google Play as hidden like other platforms where you wouldn't be able to normally see their unlocking criteria on the platform themselves, you have sites like this that can get the data and reveal what the game will show you once you unlock the secret achievement. However you have some developers who still have achievements marked with "Hidden" text that don't explain how to unlock the achievements.
If you have any information concerning the unlocking of these achievements, you could possibly earn an actual paid out bounty. What exactly the price will be yet is undecided.

Achievement info needed:
Arena of Valor
Codex The Warrior (Shield Ver)
Feed the Fat
FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer [Simply called "FIFA Soccer" on the Google store now, it has five hidden achievements but the rest aren't.]
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

This next list is for games that have had one or more server related features shutdown. Unless you see a note next to the game stating otherwise usually the game is completely unplayable.

Shutdown games:
Avakin 3D Avatar Creator
Avakin Poker
Batman Arkham Underworld
Digimon Heroes
Hero Academy 2 [Some achievements affected]
King's Knight
MARVEL Avengers Academy [You can play very little of the start of the game but no achievements will unlock and you'll eventually get stuck in a loop, you can reboot the game but it puts you just moments before the loop]
MARVEL Tsum Tsum
The Walking Dead: Assault
The Walking Dead: March to War
WWE Immortals [Will play intro cut scene and then hang at a black screen]

Next list is self explanatory, if a game gets a shutdown advancement in advance then we will be listed here up until it shutsdown and then moved to the list above.

Future Shutdowns:
Spider-Man Unlimited (March 2019)

Games with one or more broken achievements that can't be unlocked via any means of playing the game.

Games with broken achievements:
Paladins Strike
Spider-Man Unlimited

This last list of games appear to be exclusive to the NVIDIA Shield game console that you hook up to your TV. If you visit the Google Play Store on say a phone or tablet device and try to visit any of these games pages generally you'll see something along the lines of "This device isn't supported" in a red banner and won't allow you to purchase the game.
HOWEVER I did stumble across this work around: https://www.xda-developers.com/how-...or-nvidia-shield-games-on-any-android-device/
That link is from December 2017 and it suggested Shield games may have had some compatibility on non-Shield devices of the time so if you have an even newer model device released in 2018 (or onward) then you may experience no issue playing them. However you do run the risk that the games either won't fully work, could possibly damage your device or could put your Google account at risk. (I doubt anything will happen in all three of those cases though, just figured I would make note of it.)

NVIDIA Shield TV exclusives:
Borderlands 2
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Codex The Warrior (Shield Ver)
Doom 3 : BFG Edition
Half-Life 2
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Metal Gear Solid 2 HD Shield
Metal Gear Solid 3 HD Shield
never Alone for Android TV
Resident Evil 5
The Witness
Tomb Raider

This section is for apps that aren't games that you wouldn't normally "play" but have some other type of functionality. First two that I found are both emulators.

Apps with Achievements:

Game Guides:
If you have completed any games or had to figure a difficult or grindy achievement, please make a post or your own thread if you choose and I'll link to it here.
Generally I'm not going to be too strict on how people should setup their guides if they're coverign a full game but if you're at all familiar with the work people have done on either XboxAchievements.com or PlayStationTrophies.org I'd like something along those lines. I have a couple guides already complete that I just need to polish a little more before I publish them and all three are drastically different just to show how open and unrestricted I am about the format.
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Grabbing another reserve post but also an update about Shield games.
So initially I tested the stuff all out on Blustacks. F android worked fine but the newest version of Yalp doesn't have the device spoofing option. It's possible to spoof your own device with some know how but obviously I'd like to have this process streamlined as much as possible so anyone can easily do it.
What I did do was hunt down an older version of Yalp which isn't all too difficult but I will post a link tomorrow (along with a full picture guide of this process) and then did the spoof option. Initially it till wouldn't allow me to buy any of the Shield exclusives on the Google site and only showed the Blustacks "device" along with my other actual devices I use.
I figured this was all a bust but lo and behold the day after I check the store page again for shits and giggles to see it now says I have used a Shield device.
I'll test running the game on Bluestacks itself but that probably won't work out too well. Then I'll test running it on my Galaxy Tab S4 which should more or less run no problem.

Next hurdle to overcome is getting foreign games to load on a different region account. Simply using QooApp will not do the trick. I'll have to mess around with secondary accounts I imagine.


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The one Shield game I tested didn't work but maybe that's because it has a lot of issues according to reviews. I would try another game but now everything says I have no compatible devices and the Shield option is greyed out. Maybe Google randomly fixed this exploit?
Luckily the Shield just so happens to be on sale:
(It was like $150 when I first made this thread.)
My guess is they want to clear stock of these old 2017 stripped down models so they can reduce the price on the old "pro" models before launching new 2019 ones maybe-possibly-probably. It comes with a controller that I can only assume plays and feels like a piece of shit since they decided to print out a concept of what appears to be an early 64bit era polygon of what a controller would look like in the future. So buy an Xbox controller if you don't already have one. PS3/4 controller compatibility mileage may vary.

Whenever I can get a Shield TV is when I'll continue to work on playing them on a non-Shield device.
Next I'll work on the thing everyone (all two of you) cares about, playing that Japanese Jump game with a non-Japanese account.