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[GUIDE] Installing Despertar del Cementerio v8 - Full Nand/IDstorage Recovery


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Installing Desperator del Cementerio 8
A Detailed DDC8 Tutorial

This is a detailed guide on how to do a full IDstorage recovery (plus reflashing firmware) for your PSP. It includes the usage of the latest DDC from Dark-Alex, which is Desperator del Cementerio 8, and ofcourse, a Pandora battery.

You have a problem on your PSP, and you want to post it up on QJ. Whatever is the problem (software or hardware wise) you are facing on the PSP, the last resort would be cleaning the NAND and the IDstorage. Lets cut in short, and start the instruction and requirements.


- A CFW (or HEN) PSP Fat/Slim which can be hackable VIA Pandora, but not a slim with a TA-88v3 motherboard nor a PSP-3000. I warn you. Check this image for further clarifications.

- A Pandora battery.

- Desperator del Cementerio 8.

- A memory stick. Don't worry if it is a fake, because they still work (except if it has a really bad writing/reading speed).

If you want to see if you have a problem in the IDstorage, you can use Chilly Willy's Keycleaner 1.4 to check/recover some keys. I recommend using this app just to check if there are faulty keys, then proceed to use the more beneficial option, which is recovering the whole IDstorage.

The first thing you need to consider is to provide a Pandora battery. Check the bottom of this guide for help in getting a Pandora battery.

[FIELDSET="Remarks"]If you have a PSP which can be hackable VIA Pandora, and has an OFW firmware less than 5.03, then use ChickHen R2 to make an MMS, and a Pandora battery. Here, you can check this guide for instruction to make your PSP homebrew-enabled. [/FIELDSET]

Instruction For Preparing a MMS (Magic Memory Stick) Using DDC 8
[Fieldset=Note]There is two ways. A PSP way which requires an other already CFWed PSP, and a PC way which requires only the PC.[/fieldset]
PSP way:

1 - Download Desperator del Cementerio 8, and 5.00 EBOOT.

2 - Extract "25335_dc8.zip" , and place the "DC8" folder in the "GAME" folder inside ms0:/PSP/.

3 - Extract 5.00 EBOOT, and place it in the root of the memorystick X:/ (X being the letter of the device) after renamed to exactly "500.PBP" without the quotes.

4 - Create ms0:/TM/config.txt, and leave it blank.

5 - Disconnect your PSP from the computer.

6 - If you have a PTF/CTF theme, disable the CXMB plugin, or quit the PTF theme.

7 - Make sure that you placed the kernel in the recovery menu to 5.XX/4.XX/3.XX. Any version prior to 3.03 OE isn't compatible with the program.

8 - Run DDC 8 installation from XMB--Game menu.

9 - Press X to start installation of DDC 8 files on the memory stick.

10 - Choose which button you wish to boot DDC 8 menu later.

[FIELDSET="Note"]You can edit this later if you wish by going to ms0:/TM/config.txt.[/FIELDSET]

11 - Press X to continue installation.

12 - If the process finished successfully, then continue to step 13 without reading the NOTE beneath.

[FIELDSET="Note"]If installation freezes on 99%. Format your memory stick using Hellcat's Pandora Installer revision 4. Back up your data to not lose them while formatting. Enter "Memstick and MS-IPL options" and choose "Repartition and format MemStick". Press L+R+X to start the process. Restore your backup if you wish to, and repeat from step one.[/FIELDSET]

13 - Now you have a magic memory stick compatible with a Pandora battery. Good work. :)

PC way:

1 - Download Rain's UltraLite MMS Maker , and run RainsUltraLiteMMS.exe.

2 - Download the 5.00 EBOOT, amd place it in the same folder as the program (Rain's UltraLite MMS Maker).

3 - Insert your memory stick in the card reader, or connect to the PC with a USB cable if you have another working PSP (that is if you have a bricked PSP, otherwise just use your PSP) with your memory stick inserted in it.

4 - Close any windows or other programs connected to the PSP.

5 - When you are ready, click "Make MMS"

6 - When its finished, safely remove your memory stick.

Booting into DDC 8 menu

Remove the memory stick and the Pandora battery. First, place the magic memory stick inside the PSP, hold the button you chose to boot to DDC 8 (if you used Rain's ultra MMS application, then hold the L trigger) , then place back in the Pandora battery. The PSP will auto-boot to the DDC8 menu.
[FIELDSET="Note"]If you didn't place any button, then don't press anything. The PSP will boot to the menu by itself when the Pandora battery is placed.[/FIELDSET]

The Available Options

  • Install 5.00 M33.
  • Install 5.00 OFW.
  • Test M33: This will make DDC 8 boot 5.00m33-4 directly from the memory stick without it being installed in the NAND.
  • Hardware Info: It displays various hardware info of your PSP. Such as Model, Tachyon, Pommel, Duse ID, Motherboard, Baryon, and Nand size.
  • NAND Operations:
  • Dump NAND
  • Format Lflash
    • IDstorage tools:
      • Create New IDStorage
      • Fix Mac address
      • Change region. This let's you play games from an another region. Check spoiler for PSP versions.
PSP-X000 - Japan
PSP-X00(1) - USA
PSP-X00(2) - Australien
PSP-X00(3) - Gro