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[GUIDE] Installing the temporary Custom Firmware 5.03GEN using ChickHEN R2


Meta Moose
Installing Custom Firmware 5.03GEN using ChickHEN R2

This guide will take you through the steps necessary to install 5.03GEN CFW on a PSP running ChickHEN R2

[FIELDSET="What do I need?"][/FIELDSET]

[FIELDSET="Installation"]Before we begin, this Custom Firmware is only a temporary solution. If you turn your PSP off and then back on, you will no longer be running a Custom Firmware. You will need to 're-boot' into the Custom Firmware using the installer. This is only a temporary Custom Firmware, not a permanent one that remains in the flash of a hard reset.

  1. Connect your PSP [with ChickHEN R2 loaded] to your computer via USB.
  2. Extract the file '5.03GEN-A_for_HEN.zip' to a folder on your computer.
  3. Launch the application 'LAUNCH-ME.exe'/
  4. Choose the revision of your PSP under PSP Model.
    • PSP 2000 = Slim and Lite
    • PSP 3000 = Brite
  5. Choose the option 'FULL' under Mode.
  6. Choose the option 'Yes' under PSP Install.
  7. Enter the location of your PSP in the box at the bottom of the window. The location of the PSP is the drive letter that Windows has assigned to your PSP. This can be found under My Computer.
  8. Select the button 'Start' to begin the installation of the Custom Firmware files to your PSP.
  9. Once it has finished, disconnect your PSP from the USB connection.
  10. Launch the homebrew file 'INSTALLER-LOADER' under 'GAME > Memory Stick'.
  11. You have the following options:
    • Press L or R to install the Custom Firmware to your PSP.
    • Press O (circle) to reboot into the Custom Firmware (if it is already installed).
    • Press /\ (triangle) to exit to the main menu without doing anything.
  12. Once it has finished installation press O (circle) to boot into the Custom Firmware.
  13. Please read the next section named Notes, it has important information that you WILL find useful.

  • Once you have installed the CFW you can delete the folder named 'files' in the root of your memory stick.
  • To avoid problems, it is advised that you rename or delete the PRX file named 'flasher.prx' found in the Main App folder.
  • If you shutdown the PSP completely, to reboot into the Custom Firmware you will need to run the 'INSTALL-LOADER' program again and select the option O (circle).
  • Putting the PSP into standby does not require you to reload the CFW.
  • It is advised that you do not edit any file in your PSPs firmware (flash0).
  • Do not flash a custom theme.


New Member
i made a little video check it out



New Member
Thanks Moose :D
Can you make a guide on how to use isos too (basically how to rip my UMDs and use the ISOs) Because I am afraid of bricking my PSP :D

blue girl

New Member
maybe a guide to use PSx for noobs like me?


New Member
did'ent work for me.. i have a psp 2000v3.. it just turns to a black screen after installing it then turns off.. i heard some from some people that this doesent work for 2000'sv3 dont know though for sure. ???


Suck It
I think the title "Installing Custom Firmware 5.03GEN" sounds a tad bit misleading, eh? I know it's not your choice of words, but the truth of the matter is that this isn't really a GEN custom firmware.

If it were me I would probably say "temporary" 5.03 GEN (since it only remains in memory till the PSP is shut off), but I suppose the project makers never took that into consideration.

In the long run I think people are just going to get confused over what's permanent, what isn't permanent, what's temporary, which is a custom firmware, etc, etc, it just leads to confusion with all of the idiots that don't do any sort of research before asking questions.

P.S. Great guide as usual :)


Meta Moose
I have changed the title to reflect this and added a little information in the Intro. You're right, it isn't a permanent GEN custom firmware. I'm not a fan of how they released this but I made the guide to help those who want to use it. :)


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  • Once you have installed the CFW you can delete the folder named 'files' in the root of your memory stick.

When I delete the files folder I get an error "/files/systemctrl_03g.prx not found" and it exits. Has anyone sucessfully removed this folder post install?


New Member
Can I use GEN-A on my psp2k
My psp2k used CFW enabler

thats what i like to know.. no one is giving anyone a straight awnser..

no it doesn't yet, i've personaly tested it on a TA-85 with 5.03 OFW and chicken, before trying it out on a TA88v3.

you can see post of some 2k users reporting that after thye press cricle the psp just shutdowns

you can use this tread made by gumshot if you accidentally installed CFWe GEN-A on your TA88v3 an your CFWe 2.51, 2.10, or 1 won't work anymore and shutdowns like the CFWe GEN-A

[Guide] For all PSP2k users who cant run CFWEnabler because the 5.03 GEN-A Bug! - M for Mature Forums


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is there any risk at all when installing this and running it because i do not know too much about this gen and do not want to risk bricking my psp, thanks a lot in advance :)


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Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out a little bit.

I've got my PSP in ChickHen R2 Mode.

I downloaded the GEN, extracted the files, connected my PSP in USB mode, and selected the Install, selected the appropriate boxes as the tutorial says, insert the drive of my PSP and click done.

However, the files are just copied into the folder that I extracted into the folder where the Install etc are.

I've exited out of USB mode, checked for the install, but it's not there.

Thought I should add, it's a PSP 3000.

My apologies if this a noobish question, but was hoping someone could give me a little advice what I'm doing wrong.

Thought I should add, it's a 3000.

****Never mind, I figured it out myself, and all is working fine! Ca Ching!*****

Big thanks to all those who made it happen, starting with the Chickhen :D .