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[Guide] Valley of stars, Eyes, Somnus, Wishstone - Nonogram


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So these games are relatively easy.

Step 1 download the game and do the tutorial

Step 2 while you can sit there pain stakingly solving each one vea the logic or nongram solve let's make this easier. Sense there's add anyway and it's impossible to largely avoid them just watch adds and use the auto solvers and complete every last puzzle in the game. It's significantly quicker to just watch add use a solver for 2 puzzles rinse and repeat. Each game using a solver should take you an estimation of 10 hours if you use the add methough for much longer using a solver or your own logic.

Also if your thinking about trying to speed this up even more you could pay to avoid the adds but I personally don't recommend it. The cost to avoid adds would be over $200 plus a game and don't recommend it when your probably just gonna play it and delete the game. If you have a burner device you can watch adds and get the puzzles done while playing something you find more enjoyable anyway.
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