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Guitar Hero/Rock Band Help Thread


An Annoying Motherfucker
As a guy with decent credentials I hope that instead of making a bunch of threads. We can all just refer to this. This is the help thread for anything Guitar Hero related. And while I hope others decent at the game or who are marvelous. Can help out. I can't predict anything.

What are your credentials?

I'm okay. I've 5-starred a lot of songs on Expert. Here's a list:

43/47 songs 5-starred in GH1 on Expert. If the hammer-ons weren't fucked to begin with. This would be complete.

64/64 songs on GH2 5-starred on Expert for the PS2. I got Jordan recently. YAY!

68/70 songs on GH3 5-starred on disc. I've gotten most songs. But Through the Fire and Flames and tapping is still a huge wall for me and The Way it Ends and burst strumming ( strumming quickly in bursts is just not pretty for me though I can get 99% on the Beast and the Harlot. What a fuck over)

83/84 songs on Expert on Guitar Hero World Tour 5-starred on-disc. Seeing as how I only have a PS2 for Guitar Hero use. DLC 5-starring won't come until I can get a 360 or PS3 which won't happen without a job.

I've also 5-starred I Don't Wanna Stop on Expert for On Tour. And I've also played Rock Band but not in a long while. But I need to get it in order to be of use.

Any questions?


An Annoying Motherfucker
Mast3r_Shak3 said:
I tend to have a problem with me hitting notes too early during hammer-ons (usually solos), any tips?

Well. It sounds like you are trying to move too fast. Slow down a bit.