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Having trouble displaying Uplay and Origin Game Data


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I was able to successfully link my profile to my origin and Uplay accounts and the games in my library are displaying correctly. However none of my achievements are displaying at all and when I try to see achievement date for any given game, the page reads

"This game no longer has any tracked achievements or challenges. If you feel this is in error, let us know on the forums. According to our records, none of the achievements in this game are obtainable. If this in error, please report it on our forums. "

Anyone know where the problem is?



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That should only be happening with the Uplay games. They removed the challenges for almost all of them. Challenges are still being added for new games going forward though, this the full list so far: https://www.exophase.com/platform/uplay/ And there is a difference between the challenges/achievements for Uplay, we can only track the challenges, the achievements are only shown in the Uplay client and not visible to anyone else.

As for Origin it looks like your achievements are private. I can't see them on the Origin website either (see attached). I'd double check your privacy settings. Sometimes it can take awhile before the setting takes effect.

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 7.54.18 PM.png


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Thanks for the info :D

I have now allowed my origin achievements to be shown publicly and I see they are slowly starting to show on my profile, although not all of them. Is this normal? Or should I try another scan?