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Hello again, resync request...


New Member
I would like to receive another resync, since I try to play some games and several have broken achievements at least in google play, I think this will be the last synchronization I will request for a long time. Thanks again.

I have a question if any knows, is there any way to avoid this type of games with broken achievements in google play games? and be able to enjoy games without worrying about broken achievements? besides not playing more new games. Greetings.


New Member
On Google Play Games game developers generally don't put in as much effort to make sure everything works as intended and all achievements work properly, so the sad truth is that a big portion of games on this platform has broken achievements. I guess the only thing you can do to avoid them currently is search this forum to see if anyone reported any broken achievements. This forum thread exists specifically for that.

What I did was create my own spreadsheet where I track achievements on my own and also have different stats that don't count broken achievements. You could check there, too, if a game you're considering playing is on my list, here's the link.