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hey all,


New Member
Hey all,

I am new here, trying to see how i can help my gaming from newby to at least a good amature haha.
23 years old gamer on the playstations. If you ever want to play together then i may be your guy.

greetz Bramotheking


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Hey, well of course if having inspiration then building things. Further i like to collect all the kinds of wood and make a kind of wood farm place, cause i often build with wood. And making farm of all the other things. Some automatic if i have a lot of extra time haha.

And what about you ¿?
Where did you see that i recently played minecraft ¿? From my trophies¿?

Survival Horror

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Ι can see it from your ps card and from last played section near your name here. I dont like Minecraft and i would like to see what other people like on it :)
I prefer Survival Horror Games,Hack/Slash,Action/Adventure and RPG/Adventure