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How can I obtain my IP address using exophase


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Meu Xbox foi roubado há mais de um mês e a Microsoft simplesmente não pode rastrear. Já entrei em contato com a polícia e eles dizem que estão conduzindo as investigações junto a Microsoft, mas pelo jeito vai demorar pra cacete. Então queria saber se consigo usar o Exophase pra descobrir o endereço IP do Xbox do novo dono do console, pois eu sei que ele está usando minha conta e inclusive recebo as atualizações dos jogos que ele joga aqui no Exophase.

My Xbox has been stolen for more than a month and Microsoft simply can not track. I already got in touch with the police and they say they are conducting the investigations with Microsoft, but by the way it will take for a long time. So I wanted to know if I can use Exophhase to discover the Xbox IP address of the new console owner, because I know he's using my account and even I get the updates of the games he plays here in Exophhase.


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No, sorry - we don’t have access to your Xbox IP address. That information is not available to us through the Xbox API.