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How do I "Manually Add" games and playtimes to my account, especially to my Switch library


New Member
I've spent the past hour or so looking for a way to manually add games and respective playtimes to my account, but I can't see an option anywhere.

I tried writing in Metroid Dread, Luigi's Mansion, Link's Awakening etc into the CSV App ID section of Tools/Profile Maintenance, then running a manual sync to no avail. These are games that I don't have the cartridges for any more, so there's no way for me to open the game and have Exophase view my Switch's playtime.

I'd also like to add retro games but I can't see an option for that either, even if I find the game using the search function e.g. Earthbound for SNES, there's no "add" option. Would also need to manually add my 3DS playtime.

I assume I'm just being a bit dense and I can't see it. Thanks for the help!