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How many accounts can you link per console?


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Asking as I have 2 separate Xbox accounts, one on Xbox One and another on Xbox 360, but I'm not sure if I am able to link both or not (although, I'm not even sure if I will even be able to link my 360 account or not).
In this case you can only link one of them. Multiple accounts per service is not supported.

It's not a typical use case I would say, pretty sure most kept using the same account from Xbox 360 onward, but regardless we might support it in the future. It's not as straightforward to implement here considering it would be problematic for the leaderboard if there are no restrictions on linking multiple accounts. Most likely if we did allow it, only one account could count towards the cross platform ranking.
I have multiple accounts as well from the past that would be great to be able to view all achievements in totality. Not sure how others feel, but leaderboards aren't an issue for me. I use the site to track gaming history only. It would be great to see this feature in the future. I'd even be willing to pay an additional level or something.

Anyway, love the site and thanks for the work you do.
This is an issue for those that moved abroad at some point.
For example: I have multiple PSN accounts from different countries, I'd like to see all trophies in my account for sure.

Not adding to leaderboards for secondary account is not a problem at all.
I have a couple of Xbox and PSN accounts, long story, but basically because of regional settings. I wouldn't mind being able to add the alt accounts here on Exophase as well. I think simply ignoring alt accounts for cross platforming tracking (and not single platform tracking) would be a good idea if this were to be implemented someday.