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How to achieve the achievements of Nether on your Windows Phone with problem!


How did I achieve the achievements on a Lumia 532 with 1gb of Ram, in the latest version of Minecraft?

I have a few phones, the Lumia 532, with Minecraft installed in the latest version, plus a Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace with Minecraft Kindle Fire edition. I did the following:

- I started a game on the second phone, the Samsung Galaxy, enabled for online play (it can be any map you want, or some specific map, such as those to achieve the achievements).

- On the first cell phone, Lumia 532, I joined Minecraft, accessing the game online, in the same account, deprecated to achieve the achievements, remembering that both editions of Minecraft, must be logged with the same account.

- I went after the achievements, before they become more difficult for technical reasons, to achieve the achievements of the Nether (the last update).

That done, keep staying in the game, trying the achievements until they appear on your Xbox Live account, to be sure.

I hope I could have helped in some way. Share, so that this trick can be used and perfected by others.