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how to get surround sound in God Of War Collection?


when starting the game you see a video with santa monica studios and blue point logos, the sound for that video is Dolby Digital 5.1 but then at the menu where you chose GOW or GOW I it changes to stereo and stay in stereo.. I have to change it to Dolby Digital with the decoder in the reicever. i believe there is no surround sound track in this game...


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Anyone have a solution for this? I booted up GoW II on the PC in the emulator and I can enable Surround in the in-game settings. My receiver successfully decodes this using Pro Logic II and the positional sound is accurate. However in the PS3 version I can't seem to find any way to enable it. Even if I set the receiver to Pro Logic II, it only splits the voice to the center channel and the other effects are not positional.