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How to run Lua homebrews


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The PSP naturally cannot run homebrews (both games and applications) that were made in the Lua programming language.

If you ever encountered such homebrew, or will in the future, you should read this guide.

Step 1: Installing the LuaPlayer HM.

1. Download the LuaPlayer HM (version 7) from the link below
2. Extract it using WinRar
3. Copy the folder "Lua Player HM" into the folder X:/PSP/GAME (where X is the PSP drive).
4. That's all:D

Step 2: Installing your homebrews

To install the homebrews, simply copy and paste their folder into:
X:/PSP/GAME/Lua Player HM/Applications

(The folder you should paste is the one that consists the file index.lua , which is like EBOOT.BIN for some other homebrews)


  • Lua Player HM 7.rar
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It would be wonderful if it didn't just hang on the boot screen for an extended amount of time and then turn my PSP off. Is it not compatible with 6.20 PRO-B9?


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The Lua player wasnt built for 6XX kernal, you have to go to the recovery menu and change the kernal to the 150 kernal

Depending on your psp you'll also need the 150xkernaladdon