How to unbrick a PSP Slim using a PSP-3004

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  1. selected

    selected New Member

    Ok, my problem is in this way:

    I own 2 PSP: 1x2004 and 1x3004

    I've unfortunately full-bricked the 2004 one and can't do a thing.

    I don't want to use a pandora battery (the hardware modified one).
    I've already read
    but this couldn't help me.

    What I've tried:
    I've put a 3.6V - 1200 mAh in the 3004(modded) and used Hellcat's Pandora Installer for 3.XX Rev 3b and made the battery pandora. I've had already a magic memory stick so I've put them together in the 2004 PSP. I've hold the R button while turning it on but no succes.

    Can someone help me ? Thanks.
  2. Hellcat

    Hellcat Staff Member

    3000 PSPs can't make Pandora batteries.
    If you check the shown serial number of the battery in Pandora Installer you'll see that it doesn't change to the required 0xFFFFFFFF.

    You can however use Pandora Installer to setup the memstick, that works fine.

    Then you still need a Pandora battery.
    Yes, I highly suggest NOT to hardmod it. Either find a friend who can "patch" the battery for you or buy one online (they're not that expensive).
    Maybe you can even find some one you can send your battery to, he patches and sends back. Was done a lot back in the days.
  3. selected

    selected New Member

    Why not? If I convert a battery to Pandora's, can I use it later as a normal battery?

  4. january39

    january39 eXo Staff

    Hard modding carries some risk, the obvious one being that you can destroy the battery if not done right but the larger and more important reason is that there is a risk of an explosion if not done properly.

    The battery can easily remain in Pandora as long as you have the multi or TM-IPL installed to your memory stick, and that can be any memory stick whether it is magic or not.

    I can even remember threads dedicated to it :)
  5. coyotebean

    coyotebean New Member

    Also the latest generations of PSP-2004 will not work with the Pandora battery.
  6. selected

    selected New Member

    Ok, if I get my hands on a 2004 old one (not with that crappy motherboard) can I convert my battery to pandora with no risks?
  7. january39

    january39 eXo Staff

    EVerything carries a risk.... But i have changed a battery back and forth a thousand times, i have had batteries in Pandora for practically there entire lives. I don't see a risk in it and would convert any battery i had.
  8. selected

    selected New Member

    Ok, then I guess I'll try it. Thanks for advices.

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