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Hunt for my first Xbox


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I’ve been debating sticking with Sony or moving over to XBOX after three generations. I’m ready to make the switch and figure out the new button positions BUT where do you guys buy the series X at MSRP? I’d pay maybe $20-$50 over if i can pick it up at the store. Any hints and tips would be appreciated. I was gonna wait to upgrade to new gen when he new elder scrolls comes out but I think I wanna warm up on some battlefield 4 before the 2042 comes out.


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I got my XSX by going to a local electronics store, who had it on and off and asked them if they could notify me, the next time they are in stock. There they offered me to pre-buy one instead. For a 10% down payment they did not only SMS me once they got them again, but also held it for up to a week. It's not something they advertise, but do for known customers. No scalpers, camping outside, etc involved. Just asked a store I've been to for years for help. Stores in your area might be less helpful, but it costs nothing to ask.


Or just get a gaming laptop and you have the best of both worlds. Because essentially the xbox is a gaming pc with limitations.
Gaming laptop is a pretty bad idea even if it sound like a good one. It get messed up pretty quick for the price they ask for , It's way better and easier to get a Gaming PC.