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Idea for a homebrew using WiFi, is it possible?


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I have a TV that runs movies from an USB storage device. If I want to see a movie or a tv show I have to go get the hard drive, connect it to the computer, and connect it again to the television. It's a tedious process if you watch videos very frequently (imagine doing it a 7-8 times a day :p).

But then I saw this product, it's an USB wireless dongle, that connects to a computer, streams the files to the device and show them as if it's a normal storage device.

Is it possible to do something like this on a PSP? I know that it only has a 802.11b WLAN, maybe for HD videos it would be very slow but I thought why don't let it buffer to the memory card, play it and buffer the rest while it's playing the video? Like Youtube.

So what you think? It's worth a shot?