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Idstorage Fixed 2.71 TA-082/86 Downgrader


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Enforcer Team
Chilly Willy has released an updated version of the 2.71 TA-082/86 downgrader by Dark_AleX, now only changing one idstorage key to allow the execution of 1.5 kernel. The main improvement is that your PSP will be free of any USBHost issues after downgrading.

If you have already downgraded your PSP and wish to recover the corrupted Idstorage keys, take a look at codes02's release over at lan.sh.

Discuss this release here in the official release thread.


also confirmed to fix :
12% power down issue ( couldnt turn it back on w/o ac power)

This is a huge one if you use your psp on the road.

Theres more stuff no one probably noticed. I wont bore ya.


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I've already got 3.03 OE-C running on my TA-082 psp, what other issues are there that I should be concerned with regards the corrupted keys. If I want to fix it, which I probably will want to, how would I go about doing so? Would it involve downgrading again?

@ XsavioR: You won't bore me, your input would also be very helpful. :)


New fixxer is in the works . I'll keep yas posted. Theres a bit of refining to do on them given what has been learned while proving it wouldnt brick.

Basically i think the end out come for those of us who ran the previous idpatcher is 99% ,,,
Theres one key (that doesnt appear to do any thing ) That is simply lost.. due to being over written.

Right now the idea is an all in one app to bring all the people who did run idpatcher up to the max level of repair. For each fix thats been released , its another section of code to determine what to do to fix it. My advice is sit tight , after this next fixer is out , it will hopefully resolve the issue.

Since my psp is half fixxed (few keys to fix still) I think im the guineepig, and as soon as we know it worked , it will be posted.

Hope this answers your questions..

not downgrading , just running a patcher.


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I have read so much on this IDStorage stuff I think my head is about to pop (and I'm sure you guys feel the same) and I know I haven't read everything so forgive me if I ask something I shoulda found in forums before asking.

Most MB Vers have unque a key or 2 in them (I'm sure more), every old DG corrupted some keys by moving them, every patch has moved some back, and you can't just put the right codes in the right spot because it is illegal to copy the info..... Is that right?

Sorry for asking but I'm 1/2 batty at this point over this.

If you want an extra guineepig count me in, if it bricks it's 1 less headache. (and I mean that)


if you ran the old dg you will need to run the fixxer when its released. Once you do so you probably wont need to think about idstorage again. just keep an eye out for the fixxer when it is released.