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In need of Nintendo Switch profile


New Member
Does it have any way to include NSW games into website? Now I use add non tract game (don’t recommend manual add game, done it already) but it just not good enough (don’t have own NSW tab, have to search to find game).


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Yeah not possible for now, Nintendo needs to open up the API more. They have things pretty locked down for now.

Adding profile tabs for the manually added games is something we'd like to do eventually though. It would be an optional feature, you'd be able to select which platforms should be featured.


New Member
Hi there ! Very interested in the future for a switch tab or at least to include switch games into the total of hours played.


New Member
Alright thanks, didn't know about that. I guess it's on the parental control app.
But still not included on the exophase total.. As it's my main console for at least the last 2 years, it makers the app almost useless for me.