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I love earning achievements, which is probably why I am disinterested in playing Steam games that don't have them. It's pure, simple greed and desire for accolades, and I see no problem with that, honestly.

Steam is my system of choice. Consoles scare me, and even if they didn't I've forgotten how to set any of them up.

I got into gaming for realsies around my Senior year of high school, which was ~3 years ago. Before then I wasn't into gaming other than Pokemon on my GameBoy --> Gameboy SP, Spyro on the PS2, and my Mum's old Nintendo 64 (which one day up and exploded on me. RIP T_T ). I recall having a blast playing Pokemon Stadium + Pokemon Stadium 2 on the N64 as well. The mini-games were radical. Guess who was the undisputed champion of the Stampede-Counting-Game? Meeeeee!! The original Let's Play you ever watched was your brother/sister or cousin who muscled you out of the way if you tried to touch his/her controller, and that was the same for me with another cousin, but I was content in watching him masterfully eat poor swimmers and seals as Jaws, tomahawk dinos and lizard-men into a bloody pulp, etc. etc. He literally had every game system known to man from like, 1980 onwards and at least 200 PS2 games.

But in the present, I got into watching LPs of people playing games on the YouTubes, and I will drop some names and say that Tobuscus, PewDiePie, TheRadBrad, JohnnyKnodoff, and Two Best Friends (!!!) finally pushed me into trying games out for myself. I'm still a super-noob when it comes to beloved franchises such as RE, Zelda, FF, Metal Gear, and all fighting games, but three franchises I can say that I'm at the very least an adept in are Dishonored, Borderlands, and Pokemon R/E/S.

So, yeah! Hi! (Waves spastically)