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Insight into Xbox achievements these days


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Just heard a podcast with three top achievements hunters and they spoke about how 250000 gamers score is not how it used to be. Which is so true with one major contributor being all the easy indie game achivments. My gamerscore took me 4 plus years. But now a days you can attain that score in half that time.


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I guess that's why Xbox now also tracks the percentage of gamers that unlocked this achievement and assigns platinum status based on that.


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Achievement hunting has changed a lot. Gamerscore and trophy count may be a nice "at a glance" idea of an achievement hunter, but this is where trackers come in. Rarity will always be king in my opinion, and if you have a rare, hard to obtain achievement whether it is hard to get by time needed or challenge, it will reflect on your profile. It would take someone ages to play a bunch of spam games worth what one hard to get achievement is.