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Installing new graphics card


Los Doyers!
So I have this old computer that broke awhile ago. It stopped displaying a picture so I assumed its the integrated video card that went out since the monitor still works.

I got a little cheap video card and put it in the PCI-E slot and booted up the computer but still no picture was displaying. I understand I have to install drivers for it but I assumed it would atleast boot up in low resolution but nothing. Do I have to disable to integrated card first? And how would I go about doing any of that when I can't get it to display anything at all.

Don't need the PC since I got a new one, but would like if it worked so I can give it to my grandma so she can play farmville.


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Usually you don't have to disable the on-board video when a new graphics card is installed (it should automatically switch to the dedicated graphcis). If nothing is being displayed make sure your monitor is on the right input, that you hear the HDD making noise or the HDD access light is working. Also check the PSU requirements for the graphics card (if it's a "cheap" GPU it is a safe bet it'll work fine on your system but check just to make sure).