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Introducing Exophase Premium Subscription ($12/year)


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Enforcer Team
Today we're introducing a Exophase Premium, a completely optional subscription service that will let users support continued development of the site while gaining some perks in the process. Going Premium provides an ad-free browsing experience, faster automatic profile updates, and more! You can sign up by visiting your Account page and clicking the Premium tab there.

First of all, we've had several users express interest in donating to the site which led to this idea. Also, while we'd like to provide everything for free, running this site takes a pretty significant amount of resources. With the main source of revenue being the ads and usage of ad blockers increasing, offering a subscription option will help ensure sustainability.

Note that we never intend to lock any core features behind the Premium banner. If you don't want to subscribe, that's fine, nothing will change. We will mainly be adding features to Premium that wouldn't be possible otherwise due to resource constraints.

What's the cost?
Premium upgrades are priced at $12/year. The subscription does not renew automatically, but you can add another year via your Account page anytime.

Current features
  • Faster automatic scans - All profiles linked within your account will be given priority and placed in a separate queue. Scans will run approximately every 2-3 hours.
  • Ability to upload custom backgrounds - Set a custom background on your gamercard
  • Unlimited manual profile scans - No limit on manual profile scans
  • No advertisements - Subscribing will completely remove all advertisements on the site.
We will be adding more benefits over time, this is just the current feature list. If you have any questions, feedback, or issues let us know!


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I think it's about time, but what about a lifetime plan? PSNProfiles per example offers Premium for $12.99 eternally.

Read my message, pls.


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Enforcer Team
Yeah a lifetime option is in consideration (current subs will of course get a discount if we add it and want to upgrade). For now we are just doing yearly though.