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iPhone on Verizon


Los Doyers!
My contract ends in April from my current carrier.

LTE does not factor in, mainly because none of the main companies have nationwide coverage for LTE yet. Verizon is not expected to finish their LTE deployment until 2013. Plenty of time for me to enjoy a non LTE iPhone 4. I honestly think the iPhone 5 will be a minor refresh to the line. I dont think Apple is going to bring a LTE phone when only a small minority can enjoy it. Maybe next year we will see a large upgrade in iPhone hardware.
I don't think they will either.

When 3G was out and established, Apple still used Edge on its first iPhone. Then they finally went to 3G with the next revision. They won't jump on LTE especially when it's not even available everywhere.

Honestly, I don't even see the next iPhone being much of an upgrade either. The iPhone 4 is pretty good and has everything I could want in a phone. I don't know what else they can do besides add a better processor and more ram to compete with some Android phones that are coming out that are basically mini computers.


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Since there a pretty big rumor that the iphone 5 is going to be using Qualcomm, I say there is a really strong possibility that they will go lte over. Also we all know how Apples Loves barging about it better battery life and LTE devices offer improved battery over 3g so there might be a push for apple to do it as well.


MD Party Room
blocking facebook or youtube is pretty much suicide for them
I didn't see anything about blocking facebook or youtube in there? It mostly looked like wanting to block bittorrents and things like netflix that eat up bandwidth quickly.
God forbid I don't have facebook on my phone what ever will I do. I might have to find real friends or something.
I can't use data while on a call anyway. We're still on 20Kbps EDGE.

CDMA needs to DIE. $1000 in phone+stuff and it's useless since it has no SIM? No buy.

I predict the iPhone 5 will be a completely avoidable and unnecessary upgrade for anyone who has an iPhone 4. The resolution is going to stay the same (960x640) and that's the primary reason to get an iPhone 4 over a 3GS; it isn't even all that faster. Unless there's a really good killer app that makes use of the iPhone 5 hardware, it's avoidable. Hell even with the iPhone 4, 3 years from now I'll still have a better phone than almost everyone I know.


Los Doyers!
Here's what I've decided.

If a new iPhone comes out and it has support for LTE, then I will get it. If not, I'll just get an iPhone 4 at a discounted price. Then when a new iPhone supports LTE, I'll just buy it and sell the iPhone 4 to cover the price.